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Diamondback Design Group, L.L.C. was formed in 1996 to provide highly qualified personnel for on-site design services. This and other business relationships have flourished by having all aspects of Diamondback Design’s engineering services performed under the direct supervision of a partner-in-charge. This enables the customer to maintain continuity of personnel, design preferences and trust.


Diamondback Design has extensive experience in fit-up and tool hook-up design for semiconductor facilities. Diamondback Design can assist with tool layout and facility programming involving proposed tool sets. During design and construction our staff actively works with process engineers, equipment engineers, equipment vendors and construction contractors to ensure a complete solution for each installation.

Attention is always paid to existing distribution systems and database maintenance.

Additional tool hook-up services include: coordinating custom structural bases for heavy or vibration sensitive equipment, complete as-builting services, code compliance investigations and construction quality assurance services. Diamondback Design also performs manufacturing impact studies, which identify all process equipment and facility shut downs, reworks or relocations required prior to installing new equipment.


As a natural result of being on-site, Diamondback Design is often asked to do facility improvement projects. These typically include upgrades to house systems such as: exhaust, chemical drains, ultra pure water distribution, toxic and non-toxic gases, process cooling water, communications and power distribution. This work often begins with a discovery period where our designers produce accurate flow diagrams in conjunction with a balance contractor. Our designers then work with facilities personnel to improve system deficiencies within the timeframe and budget allowed.

Bulk chemical distribution and waste recovery systems are constantly being revised by many of our customers. Diamondback Design has experience in providing facilities upgrades required for: Toxic gas distribution and monitoring equipment, CMP slurry distribution, Lithographic developer systems, pyrophoric and ammonia exhaust systems, as well as general bulk chemical systems.

In other areas of the factory Diamondback Design can provide designs for central plant systems including: cooling towers, chilled water distribution, steam systems, waste collection, scrubber upgrades or replacement and electrical distribution. Services also include typical HVAC equipment / ductwork and controls design, as well as sanitary plumbing design. Recent projects include data centers, gas room upgrades and acid waste system tank farms and remediation.

Staff Augmentation is another common area for Diamondback Design to provide assistance in with on-site facilities staff augmentation. Services include: mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, project management, design CAD, data base and as-built services.