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Shortened-Duration Group Relocation


Everspin Technologies needed to relocate it’s 6,000 sq ft semiconductor manufacturing operation to a new facility which required architectural, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure improvements to accept the operation. A relocation of this type would typically require 4-6 months to complete including design and construction. Diamondback was asked to help facilitate the relocation to be done in only 2 months.


Diamondback was able to innovate the design effort in a way to allow for design, construction and relocation to be completed on schedule in 2 months. A phased design effort including a Building Assessment, Basebuild, Fit-up and Tool Install Design was completed with parallel overlapping construction activities to achieve the 2 month total relocation schedule.

“Diamondback worked closely with Everspin management and production staff and the installing contractor to create the equipment layout and fit-up the facility appropriately. Diamondback provided the required expertise and service required to execute this complex facilities infrastructure and equipment installation project. In the end, Diamondback was able to help us execute the project on-time, within budget, and with outstanding quality and attention to detail.”

Jeff – CFO, Everspin Technologies